Your Family, I have to love you.

Forever 17

You love them because they are family…What?

Family, relatives, 2nd cousins, all of they above. We are suppose to Love these people because we are family, but what if we don’t, what if we don’t even like them a little? Then what?

That old saying “I love you but I don’t have to like you”  when is it okay to not like who your related to? Does there have to be some huge family secret of horrible acts that then makes it okay to dislike them?
Or can you really just not like them at all?  the thought of hanging out with them makes you cringe and you think of  every possible way to get  out of it, but no luck, They’re  your Family.

Why and when did this rule become a prerequisite? I don’t get it, I mean seriously we all know some pompous ass that has been there, done that a hundred more times than you and way better than you could ever do it , well guess what that guy is in a lot of family’s and usually with that guy comes the wife…yep, “OMG, Look at my nails , Look at my hair, look at my life I’m so awesome , don’t you wish you were me?” And don’t get me started on their kids… just  use your imagination… scary huh?

Well why would I like this guy? Because our blood line is shared?
“Like OMG! gag me with a spoon” Really seriously gag me.

I don’t care about how cool you think you are, or just how awesome everyone thinks your life is, because HELLO! I see you twice a year and don’t even really know you or if any of the things you say are even half truths, and your super annoying.  Your wife cant stop staring at herself in my spoons and I’m pretty sure one of your kids just ate the corner of my table… so why is it that you’re here ruining my holiday?

Oh yes that’s it, because were family and I have to love you… See ya next year!



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