Is Your Glass Half Full?

Creating a sense of gratitude might be the most fulfilling thing you can do for yourself.  We can call on gratitude at the most inopportune times.  When things are not going as well as expected, gratitude can turn things around.  When your perspective needs to be checked, take inventory and surprisingly you might find things on your list you have forgotten about. It becomes about what you have, not what you do not have…

So, what can gratitude do for you?

Unclutters the clutter.
A clear thinking person is competent and efficient no matter what your life experience is.

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Creates a calm and peace about you.
When faced with adversity or the unexpected, you will be more prepared.

Paves the way to get to your goals.
You will be motivated to do some real goal mapping.

People gravitate toward grateful people.
Relationships intensify when you put out a lightheartedness that comes from within.

When we look around and see what’s really important, gratitude can come.  To those that live in abundance, and to those that don’t, what is important means something different.  To some, it is a life lesson, to others, it has been inherent.  I am grateful for every clear thought, every breath, belly laughs, country comfort dinners with friends, my childrens’ good health and all the other obvious free things.  Thankfully, gratitude can be learned.

Marcia Richman – CPC for T2B


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