your mommy confessions

There are times when a mother must take desperate measures. Usually, we don't like to tell anyone of the things we have to do during these desperate times, but I'm here to confess. If you're a mother, more than likely you have done some of these things yourself. If you are not a mother, maybe you can at least get a few laughs by reading this.

Confession #1 - I have put Ariel's bloomers on Justin because he had no underwear. It happened a few times when we first started potty training and I forgot to bring along extra undies for him. He had an accident and I would just slip Ariel's bloomer off of her and put them on Justin. Who would have known that a 6-9 month bloomer is roughly the same size as 2T undies?

Confession #2 - I have used wet naps from Chilli's for wet wipes. This I have only done once. Ariel was only a few months old and she had this awful diaper. When I opened the wet wipe box, there were only two wet wipes left in it and this was at least a sixer. So I went back to our table and grabbed the wet naps they had given Jeremy with his baby back ribs. Thank goodness Ariel didn't have a sensitive bottom!

Confession #3 - I have used my sons clothes to soak up a spill and he had to ride home in his undies. It happened because I had a cup that was too big for my cup holder and when I made a sharp turn, Big Red went everywhere. I had just cleaned out the car and had absolutely nothing to soak it up with. I didn't want it to stain, so I stripped Justin down and used his shirt and sweats. Let me tell you, he DID NOT like riding in his car seat partially naked.

Confession #4 - I have snuck snacks into the movie theater. Okay this I do all the time, especially when Justin goes with us. When he sees everyone else eating candy and popcorn he usually wants something too. So I bring along small bags of chips, candy, and once I even snuck him in chicken nuggets. I mean, who wants to pay $5 for a cold hot dog on a stale bun?

Confession #5 - I have used one of Jeremy's shoe strings to hold up Justin's pants. I did this from the time Justin was 8 months old until he was about 13 months old. I could not find a belt in his size and none of his pants would stay up. Everyone who saw it would laugh, but you know what? It worked.

Confession #6 - I have used one of my nighties as a shirt. Okay, this one isn't really as bad as it sounds. It was in December and Ariel had just thrown up all over my shirt. We, of course, were no where close to home, but I did have an over night bag in my trunk. Unfortunately, the only thing I had that was close to a shirt was a black and pink nightie. I did wear a jean jacket over it, so really all you could see was the bottom part of it. See, I told you it wasn't as bad as it sounds!


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