Your Personal Placebo-Nocebo Effect


Our minds are so powerful; our beliefs so pivotal.

Most of us know about the placebo effect — the phenomenon in which healing occurs in patients or research subjects because they expect it, though they have received a sham or substitute treatment incapable of promoting the healing that in fact occurred.  Fully one third of positive treatment outcomes in all branches of medicine, complementary as well as biomedical, are attributed to the placebo effect.

But do you know about the nocebo effect?  Here, the subjects manifest symptoms of—or worse, actually contract—an illness  because they believe they have been exposed to it, have the genes for it or have other increased risk.  “Worried sick,” literally.

How can this be?  In the old biology, we thought systems were discreet.  Cardiology. Endocrinology. Gastroenterology, etc.  But now we know that’s not right; instead we realize systems cross-talk and impact each other constantly!

In the new biology, we understand that matter and energy are inextricably intertwined. And that is why thoughts and beliefs translate into physical realities!

Our thoughts and beliefs create chemistry that gives instructions in the form of hormonal cues, immune signals, and other molecular directors.

Yes, our minds are that powerful; our beliefs are that pivotal.

And so, the fundamental questions become:

  • Why are we not more eager to manage our minds to create abundant, optimal health and wellbeing?
  • And how can we tap into the opportunity?

This is what mind-body medicine is about, or at least, can be about.  Mind and body are considered fluid forms of energy that co-produce one another.  They form an energetic continuum, rather than exist separately — in duality.

The enormous opportunity of mind-body medicine, approached consciously by both the patient and the practitioner, is to leverage acupuncture, or other therapies, with the goal of integrating the multiple energetic levels of mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Questions for You Right Now:

  • Where is your mind leading your body?
  • Are you ready to lay claim to your full power, to thrive, by harnessing the power of your mind to your shape physical health?
  • Are you working the Placebo or the Nocebo effect right now? (because you are already on a track, whether you are conscious of it or not)

To thriving!



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