Your Reasons for Blogging - thoughts for staying on track!

Have you ever blogged about a topic that wasn't close to your heart or an interest? I'm not talking about sponsored posts. I'm talking about those posts you write in order to gain more traffic. I'm talking about those holiday posts you write in hopes of siphoning some of the holiday traffic that are searching for holiday gift guides or holiday recipes. I've found that in my desire for more traffic (and thus more income) I have written about topics that hold no value or interest to me. In sure faith that I will achieve great success I talk myself into writing these blog posts. They may or may not be in my niche, but I think that the outcome is worth the sacrifice. Does this sound like you?

reasons for blogging

While I'm not condemning those that may try or do this, I'm here to say that this method of gaining traffic has betrayed me. The alluring seduction of high traffic possibility was misleading deceiving. While I may have had a spike in traffic for a day or two with certain holiday or season-specific posts, the exchange for blogging integrity is not worth it to me. Those may seem like harsh, serious, heavy words. in relation to blog post writing (something that is not too serious a topic). But staying true to myself, my reason for blogging and my integrity as a blogger is very important to me.

1. Why did you begin blogging?

I began asking my self this question after I realized that  my blog focus was "off." I began blogging primarily as way to share my thoughts from my Bible reading and quiet time with God. Very specific. I named my blog, Snippets of Inspiration, for a reason. I wanted to inspire others. I left the name open to be able to blog about other topics as well that meant something to me. Here and there I threw in recipes that I really liked and some homemaking tips. Those are all things that I enjoy and about which I am passionate. But as time elapsed you can see in  my blog content that I was getting further and further away from sharing any thoughts about my Lord and the Bible. Those posts weren't getting as much traction. They are not as generally appealing to everyone. So I shifted and wrote about those things less. I was still getting great nuggets of wisdom from the Bible that were definitely worth sharing, but I chose to write about those things that would (in the end) make more money. Not ever a good decision. I was once told by my Dad to never base decisions solely on money. But I didn't listen to that inner voice. You may blog about those topics that are popular and trendy. And if that is your passion, wonderful! But if you're blogging about topics that you don't enjoy for the sake of money.....hmmmm....maybe you should rethink it.

2. Does money matter most to you?

Upon realizing my pattern of writing, I had a decision to make! Continue? Or change back? If I continued writing about those things that didn't really interest me, I would become disinterested in my blogging. I would begin to dislike writing....which was already beginning to happen. Or I could change back to my reason for blogging in the first place. By changing back, I would have a renewed interest in my writing. I would enjoy it more! But one factor that stuck out in my mind was about the money. Writing about spiritual things doesn't appeal to as wide an audience as non-spiritual things. That's just a fact. It's more tailored and specific. But what mattered more? Money or my integrity? I chose integrity. Yes, Hubby and I really could use extra income right now. And the  money is always appealing. But I couldn't get past the sinking feeling in my stomach as if I were selling out.


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Danielle Wells


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