Is Your Twitter Stream Targeted?

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People always vaguely say that Twitter is not like Facebook and should not be used in the same way, but it took Two Pens to make that thought concrete.

Your Twitter audience is targeted, or should be targeted, to a few interests that you have – that way, you engage in a real and sustained way with a few communities – in my case, cats, literature no one reads, and pretty paper put up on walls a hundred and twenty years ago by people wearing too many clothes. So keep it narrow and build a rep. Remember, Twitter is about the people you don’t know. Facebook is about the people you already know – and never talk to.  

Whoa.  It was literally a way I have never thought to use Twitter.  My Twitter stream is a mishmash of random people (much like Facebook).  Which made me wonder if that is the big difference between people who love Twitter vs. those who love Facebook.

The rest of her Twitter advice is just as astute, including how Twitter growth behaves more like bacteria than a virus.

Is your Twitter stream targeted by topic, or do you also follow a random assortment of people without any clear niche, much like Facebook?


Image: Incase via Flickr

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.


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