You're Asking For My Advice?

As you may already know, I have a "Tell Raquel" section, it's where I encourage you to write in with your relationship troubles. I find other people's relationships compelling, maybe it was too much Carrie Bradshaw or too much of being horrified by my sister's relationship picks (first one of her friends to tell her I said this wins a special prize). Since my last Tell Raquel post about my friend Melissa ~ Is This Guy For Real? , things have been quiet. The silence was broken & disturbed my sleep a few weeks ago. 

 I have to say I was hesitant to do this post but Melissa & another smart redhead said do it! Let me start by saying this; my current bf is amazing, he makes me smile daily & is pretty nice to look at too. 

 But back to a few weeks ago, around 2am I was woken up with a text message that went like this -  i need your advice i wanna tell raquel why i have such jealousy issues 

 Oh boy, that was from who I call "Donotanswerever" yes, his name is saved in my phone like that. He happens to be an ex boyfriend who hasn't gone away yet. Mind you it has been over a year since we dated. Donotanswerever does this periodically, he calls in the middle of the night, multiple times (10 on average) & leaves a book of text messages. I usually turn my phone off or put it on silent.... 

  Yes apparently he had found my blog, lucky me. 

 I found the next few messages very entertaining -  i really need your advice, i wont tell ur bf if you wont tell mine .... seriously?? I hope your girlfriend doesn't read my blog. 

 Then he proceeded to say rude things about my current bf, & kept calling, again & again. 

 Lastly my favorite text of the night was this - be mature about this and answer me .... Really you're calling me at 2am, why would I ever pick up the phone? 

 Yes, I hope I don't get hate mail from this one, but it was too entertaining not to post. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't send any text messages you will regret later!



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