You're A Blogger With Kids - Why Should We Care?

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Jenni Chiu

It seems as if with every new parent comes a new blog.  With the sea of "parent bloggers" growing at a rapid rate, how do you stand out?

You're a parent who loves their kids and could talk about them endlessly, but you're also a blogger who wants more than their grandparents to read your words.

Jenni Chiu from and other bloggers will hold a discussion on moving away from being a milestone marking, digital scrapbooking blog, and moving toward being a blog that people (even non-parents) can't wait to read.

This session will focus on creative writing tips, tieing your kid's life happenings to "universal themes", laser focusing and magnifying certain aspects of your family, and exploring your non-parent voice.

Bloggers with children can blog for the masses without pretending they don't have kids!