You're Born, You Die...You Get a Lasagna!

My family’s tradition is when you're born or if you die you get a lasagna. Italians live within extremes it’s always: Vita o morte. Back and forth, friends and family are always getting married, having children, and passing away. The only thing that is definite in Italian life is dinner. Everyone has got to eat and that is were the lasagna comes in...It is always the perfect meal to have on hand. Pretty much everyone likes lasagna, adults and children. It feeds a lot of people, or you can just take out a piece at a time, and live on it for a week. It can go directly from the freezer to the oven and be a complete meal with a side salad and a glass of red wine within an hour.
What is the occasion for this lasagna? It is a good one. My son’s favorite teacher’s wife just had a baby. It is their first child and my son, along with many of the kids in this science teacher’s class, have been caught up with his expectation... Every time this teacher’s phone would chirp he would say, “Baby... no, baby..”  Until it finally happened a 7 pound, 22inch baby girl.  read more 


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