You're Going Where? But They Kidnap People!

My friend sent me a story yesterday about two Americans kidnapped in Yemen. As I'm headed there next week, that’s not the kind of juju I need right now. Why is it that any time you go somewhere off the beaten track (as in not a cruise, Europe, or an RV trip to the Grand Canyon) people find horror stories to forward you as you’re packing to leave?


The same stuff happened when I went to live in  Mexico for a semester. Everyone suddenly had their ears and eyes pinned to TV and newspapers looking for kidnapping, murder or mutilation stories. And then told me wide-eyed, shaking their head almost gasping, “Just be careful down there.” Um, two weeks ago a purse snatcher shot a woman in the head in downtown Dallas after she refused to hand him her handbag. That was just a mile or so from where I live. And isn’t Dallas like the murder capital of the U.S. ( or at least the First 48 makes it seem that way).

For the record, I’m aware of the security risks in Yemen and other areas as a woman, a tourist and an American. And I’m taking every precaution I can to avoid kidnapping incidences. But I’m still going. I’ve got prayer bracelets, coins, and beads. The fact is bad stuff can happen wherever you go. And the Yemeni tribe member who kidnapped the Americans treated them like ”guests” and released them so that makes me feel a little better.( You can follow my trip at the site

But the writer in me kind of wonders if that happened while I was there, would they let me shoot video and interview people? I’d quote them anonymously. (Yes, you do have to laugh at this stuff or you get scared. And in case I stop blogging for four or more days, call the U.S. embassy and report me missing please!)

You can follow my trip overseas at the web site I'll be traveling to Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen this summer and will be blogging and writing about my experiences. Hopefully, they will not include kidnapping in Yemen. 


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