You're My Second Mama, Aren't You?

There is nothing normal about adoption.  I have three internationally adopted children who are now young adults. I got to witness three very different responses to being adopted. Jaik has yet to have a conversation with me about his adoption. Stacee didn’t talk a great deal about it, but was a master thief and world-class liar at six years old. Brandon gave “voice” to every bit of fear and grief that often engulf adopted children and was so overwhelmed as an adolescent, he told me, “Mom, I don’t want to live anymore.”

My blog posts are written by me, but the stories in them are my children's.  The title of my blog comes straight from the lips of my son.  I share anecdotes and stories that made me laugh out loud or shed a tear - and I hope you will too.  These are my "post adoption" experiences with all of the accompanying joys and sorrows and humor.  I want you to see how I stumbled, I survived, I learned and I laughed; and I hope you will come away with insights that only can be learned from someone who has had this shared adoption experience.