You're Not Alone

There's no more shame in having depression (or postpartum depression) than having pneumonia. It's usually biological in nature and it can strike at anytime. One thing you can do on your own, or in addition to a Dr. recommended course of action, is meditation. Mommy Meditations is an audio product for new mothers that teaches them how to meditate. From - "Mommy Meditations is a new audio product designed to teach new moms how to meditate, giving you the tools to embrace your new role and new baby. Using meditation, this innovative, natural approach can help a new mom adjust to life after childbirth and be a healthier, happier and more effective mommy." It's one thing you can start immediately. Dr. Parks, ObGyn, shares her incredible personal story dealing with postpartum depression herself, plus the tragic and sudden death of her husband just days before the birth of her fourth child. She definitely has much to teach new moms. So, talk to your doctor, meditate, exercise, and consider antidepressants. You deserve to be happy and joyful.

Dr. Kerri Parks and her inspirational story of battling postpartum depression and major grief.


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