You've Got to be I-Kidding Me

So I got through that eventually, feeling pretty dang proud of myself.  Next step was to enter the serial number and move along to speaking with my Apple Information Superhero.

But instead….. “We’re sorry, that option is not available right now.  Please try again later.”

Excuse me?  Um, no.

So I put in the serial number again, because the definition of sanity is performing the same experiment and expecting a different outcome… right?

“It appears your device is not eligible for support.  You may purchase support for $19.99 for this incidence.”

I’m not eligible?  Seems to me that if you can find the dang serial number, then you should be eligible.  I mean, that would kind of sort itself out, wouldn’t it?

So there would be no camaraderie between me and tech support (which is again, further proof that opposite minded people cannot successfully interact- I knew I was on to something), no comforting words of encouragement that I was doing the right thing.  Not only had my device failed me, Apple was rejecting me too.

“All by myself… don’t wanna be….”

With nowhere else to turn, I opened my iTunes and decided to try to figure it out on my own, again.  There were songs in the iCloud (wherever and whatever that is) but it said I couldn’t access them without authorizing my computer.

Attempted to authorize the computer.

This computer is already authorized.

You need to authorize this computer before accessing songs in iCloud.

Attempted to authorize the computer.

This computer is already authorized.


One of us isn’t making it out alive, I swear on everything good and pure….


When all else fails, reboot.  So I logged out, logged back in, and began downloading songs from the iCloud.  Like magic.  Like it’s supposed to.  And the Pièce de résistance was when I connected my Ipod and it ACTUALLY SYNCED EVERY SINGLE SONG. Do you hear the angels singing in the background? Do you see the balloons and confetti falling from the ceiling?  Ed McMahon running in with an oversized check written out to me?

So I’m happy to report that this story has a happy ending.  I fixed my problem all by myself, no thanks to Apple.  I now know where my serial number is located and I plan never to look at it again.  I currently have no ongoing friendship with anyone at tech support and I am currently writing the world’s smallest hate mail to the grain of rice guys.


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