You've Got A Friend In Me.

I am a big Disney fan. I love everything Disney! I grew up watching Disney movies and still watch them with my daughters. I, of course, have a top 5 favorite Disney movies but number 1 will always be The Little Mermaid (but that is an entirely different blog).  

My oldest daughter is now two and loves Toy Story and Toy Story 2. I have been able to quote the entire first movie since about the day after it was originally released. We watch it all the time and my girls play with their pull string Woody and Jesse dolls (thanks to their Nana).

Is it weird to say I can't bring myself to watch Toy Story 3? I just can't. I've heard so many people say its sad. Or that they cried right there in the theater with their kiddos. I think I even heard that its because Andy is going off to college and leaving Woody behind. But I still can't watch it! 

I feel like I'm afraid to see Woody get his heart broken! I must seriously be losing my mind or the back to back pregnancy hormones have taken over.  Maybe someday I will get the courage to watch a children's movie. 


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