You've got mail

After the bathroom work was completed, the faucet that I broke was ancient history to me.  It was long gone from my memory, as my mind was focused on other things, and my husband Marc knew it.


As Marc and I sat at our dining room table early one morning before work, drinking coffee, and typing away on our respective laptops, I received notification of a new e-mail. I clicked right over to the e-mail, curiosity getting the best of me. I was surprised to find the e-mail was from Marc.


From: Marc @ home

To: Hilary@home


When you turn the water on and off in the shower, please do it slowly.


I turned away from my laptop and faced him. “Did you just e-mail me?” I asked.


“Yep.” He simply replied.


“About the faucet,” I asked. I was sure that the e-mail must’ve been from previous point in time, and was delayed in reaching me, and was not from that moment.


“Yep, I did,” he said with a smile.


“Why?” I asked. “Don’t you realize I’m sitting right next to you?”


“Yeah know,” he said with even a bigger grin, “but I figured, if I e-mail you you’ll read it, and maybe pay attention. If I just reminded you, you probably would pay me no mind, and just ignore me, and probably break the faucet again.”


I didn’t know what to say, because I knew he was right. If he did remind me, I so would not have listened.  So rather than say anything, I did the logical thing.  I e-mailed him back.


From: Hilary @ home

To: Marc @home


Would you like more coffee???


Do you and your significant other e-mail each another when you are both at home?


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