My Unexpected Go-To Shoe

**This sweepstakes ended on 10/31/2013. Thank you for taking the time to join. Please continue to read the posts below on Clarks and Zappos.

Clarks is all about being stylish AND comfortable – you shouldn’t have to choose. From fashion-forward trendsetters to people who prefer the classics – there’s a Clarks out there for everyone. Their designers get their inspiration from the freshest trends from cities around the world. They also use premium materials, innovative technology and a tradition of craftsmanship.

Our bloggers had the opportunity to see how they like Clarks' shoes and designs. See how this experience has changed their perception of Clarks and why this is now their unexpected go-to- shoe.

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Meet Your New, Gorgeous Fall Boots!

One of our favorite things about fall? Boot weather! As soon as it gets chilly enough, neither of us can WAIT to break out our boots. Of course, there's one thing better than boots ... and that's NEW BOOTS! Now, a good pair of boots is something of an investment. In our view, boots are worthless unless they not only look fabulous, but are beautifully made AND comfortable....more

Style VS. Comfort? Clarks Shoes Review + Zappos Gift Card Giveaway

I have never purchased Clarks shoes before. To be honest, I always thought the brand was for older people who didn't care about style much but simply wanted a comfortable shoe. When I had the chance to try out Clarks shoes, I'll admit that I first went to to check out the styles that were available since I hadn't remembered seeing any shoes from the brand in recent years. I was pleasantly surprised to see an array of pumps, wedges and boots that are cute but also promise to be comfortable....more

Mom/Teacher Approved: Cute AND Comfy Shoes for Work and Play (+ $100 to spend at

I have to admit something, and I really hope it won't change your opinion of me... Are you ready? I am not a shoe person. It isn't that I don't like shoes, I've just always been the type to choose a new blouse (or five) over a cute pair of shoes. I've always been kind-of hard on my shoes too; so, consequently, I've got a closet full of cheap (like, less than $20/pair) shoes that completely fall apart and need to be replaced with the same boring black/gray/brown/tan pairs the next year....more

Clarks Are Cute! Plus A Giveaway

I've said it many times before that although I love picking out outfits, accessorizing, and looking cute, fashion is something that I don't stay current on. I still wear jeans from high school and rarely buy myself a new pair of shoes unless it is absolutely necessary. One thing that I can't gulp down is shelling out tons of money on a good pair of shoes. In college I remember buying cheapie shoes only to get blisters and sore feet after one wear. The worst, right?! You can imagine my excitement when Zappos approached me to review the new Clarks line of fashion-forward shoes....more

My New Favorite Shoes

I've been making quite the effort lately to look cute every day, no matter what. So what if I only take & drop off my kids to school? So what if I'm working indoors most of the day? So what if I don't leave the house... Sometimes you can get caught up in the mundane and forget that it's important to take care of yourself. I am also pretty practical though. I want to look cute but also be totally comfortable. Be able to walk my kids to and from school, no problem, and generally be casual-chic. When it comes to shoes, I tend to go with flats mostly....more

Feet, Meet Heaven

You all know of Zappos, right? You all know my deep, deep obsession with Zappos, right? RIGHT? I mean, I've read 3 Zappos books, took a trip to tour their headquarters in Vegas earlier this year, and even sat at Tony Hsieh's (CEO) incredibly mess desk. If that's not love, I don't know what is. If fast and free shipping {both ways} plus a 365-day, no-questions-asked return policy doesn't have you typing "zapp..." into your address bar, I honestly don't know what will....more

A Well Kept Shoe Secret

For a long time this, right here, was my favorite moment of the day. Standing in the parking garage at my job when I'd kick off my heels and throw on the pair of flip flops in my car for the drive home. I mean, SWEET JESUS, I know you know this feeling. Garrett is always giving me a hard time about wearing uncomfortable shoes, and I always say back, "Baby it hurts to be beautiful." But you guys, WHAT IF IT DIDN'T? I'm sort of at this crossroads in my style life....more

Clarks Fall Boots! {ft. $100 Zappos Gift Card)

If you know me at all (or follow me on the Insta), then you know I have a minor major obsession with shopping. BOOT shopping, in particular. To my husband, it seems like I'm always looking for the perfect Fall boots to add to my closet (this might be half true). This year and last year, I've been loving all the different styles of booties that are available. Booties can be paired with so many different outfits - from cute dresses with a jacket over top to boyfriend jeans and a sweater. If I'm shopping online for shoes? I order from Zappos. Nowhere else....more

Clarks Offer Up Incredible Go-To Comfort Shoes & a GIVEAWAY!

First, wipe everything you think you know about Clarks out of your head. Ready? These shoes are incredible. I had always heard of the comfort level of Clarks shoes, but never tried them for myself because my grandma wears Clarks. I guess that's why they say our grandparents are older and wiser, because my grandma clearly knows what she's doing and I should probably listen to her a lot more. Color me shocked. The designers at Clarks gather inspiration from all over the world, compiling the freshest fashion-forward and classic trends....more

Newsflash: Clarks are cute!

I'll admit it, before I had a chance to check out the Clarks Store on Zappos, I thought they made shoes that were very comfortable but not very cute. Boy was I wrong! Well, actually I was only half wrong. They do make supremely comfortable shoes, that also happen to be totally fashionable. No joke, just check out these boots....more