Zayne's sweet side

It's when you're not feeling okay that you would know how kind and caring some people would be. Especially if it comes from a child.

In the past few days I’ve been under the weather with coughing and a runny nose. My primary doctor said it is a sinus infection. Whatever, it brings me down and I don't like it.

A week before that, Zayne was sick with cough and colds and he went to the doctor for treatment. For those reading this blog for the first time, Zayne Mojica is my five-year-old ward and is the hero of “My Nanny Stories.”

We’ve been together for four summers now and his doctor told me that Zayne's coughing was caused by a virus. Since it wasn't the flu I took care of him just the same, keeping my distance and always covering my nose when I sneeze or cough as part of Sanitation 101.

But yesterday I was coughing so hard that I wet my pants. This is the sweet part—Zayne went near me and twice rubbed my back and said “I'm sorry I gave you my cough and cold.”

I was surprised and I replied “No, baby—this is mine, not yours.” Zayne said “It's mine and I know you don't like it.”

My gosh, it was so sweet of him. The little boy who drives me crazy at times is quite tender and sweet. I actually noticed that quality since he was two years old.

In a child's eyes, one finds sympathy and caring. One afternoon, Zayne looked at me and said “Don't be sad, nanay (mother).” I replied “no, I am not sad baby.”

It taught me this lesson: The purest form of empathy come from kids.


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