The Zen of Ironing

Ironing 1

There was recently a string of oppressively hot days here in New Hampshire. We hid indoors in the air conditioning. Maybe it was because of the heat, but on one afternoon, both kids were napping. . . at the same time

One might think I should be napping, too, catching up on dishes or simply indulging in some quiet time. I got out the iron (on a hot day, I know!) and washed and ironed a fair amount of my fabric stash. With the ironing board downstairs in front of a big window, I went into an ironing zone. It was my rare quiet time, and the methodical nature of it was relaxing. Plus, I had some control over the wrinkles; a welcome change from having two kids at home all summer for Camp Mom. I wasn't stressing over the morning's struggles, and I didn't think ahead to dinner battles, either. It was a lovely 'in the moment' experience.

In the big wad of wrinkled mess that was the ironing pile, I could pull out some fabric combinations as I went. I put the ironed and folded pieces into  piles, grouping them by projects I dreamt up as I was going. Check back to see what I've come up with!

The best part? When I'm working in my studio I can now simply add or switch fabrics as I'm working on something without wondering if it's been through the wash. I'd always wished for laundry elves. I guess I forgot that there's something to be said about the process.

xo Karin



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