Zen Time--Dial Down the Hectic Pace with Meditation

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Ann Dunnewold, PhD

BlogHer is fun, frantic, and full of friends, old and new. However, the impression gleaned from practically every contact that I made at BlogHer '12, my first conference, was how so many attendees were stressed and anxious. The pressure is to make connections, to be liked, to be discovered, to make money, to pick the best session/party, to not miss out. The experience evoked the visceral reactions of an eighth grade dance. Fun and challenging, yes, with lots of potential for learning. But a buzz of anxiety laced throughout.

BlogHer '13 needs a Room of Your Own session where attendees can kick back, dial down, and calm that overactive amygdala, the part of the brain that revs up the fight or flight stress response. I'm a licensed psychologist, meditation and yoga instructor, and I'd love to lead a mass meditation. For this session, I'd talk very briefly about the health benefits of meditation, the myths about meditation, and how to integrate meditation into daily life at home. And then I'd take attendees through an actual meditation, giving them hands-on skills to apply in calm moments at the conference and back at home. 

The energy of BlogHer is legendary--and the energy in the room for a group meditation would be truly amazing.