BlogHer Original Post

I am:

- a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister
- a college graduate
- a public relations professional
- a former journalist
- a reader
- a writer
- a grammar snob
- a scifi junkie
- and a quote junkie
- the family photographer
- the family accountant
- not the family cook
- a camper
- a backpacker
- a certified SCUBA diver
- tattoed
- confident (except when I'm not)
- often impatient
- sometimes selfish
- completely OCD about some things and totally laid back about others
- exceedingly practical
- clumsy
- disturbed by most "reality tv"
- a Disney-phile
- terribly fond of Harry Potter
- quite likely to sing along with broadway shows and old musicals
- occasionally seduced into delusions of culinary ability by Alton Brown
- attracted to intelligence and humor
- concerned about the environment
- a student of Taoism and Buddhism
- in love
- happy

and my blog is a reflection of all of those things.


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