Zimbabwe votes in Robert Mugabe's (aka Dr. Evil's) "election"

"I'm with it. I'm hip. Taka-taka-taka-taka-taka..."

I know this blog has been very Zimbabwe/Mugabe heavy this week, but it is a big story here right now and has been on my mind constantly. And I'm trying to lighten it up with photoshop skills.

The bigger picture of this story brings up so many questions about
elections on the continent - rigged elections, so-called democratic
elections and what, if one can so far to say that, is the "right" way
to proceed? And who says what is right? Are we ready for democracy
here? I believe a strong argument can be made both ways, and is
certainly dependent on what country you are in, and what history comes

And I'm not going to say it doesn't frustrate me.
Because it really does. It frustrates me that African leaders aren't
taking a bigger stand together, and that most of the outcry seems to be
coming from a bunch of haughty westerners (myself included, I suppose)
who think they know what is right for everyone here. Sorry. Mini rant

Canada foreign affairs minister, David Emerson, came out with a statement as well, which you can read here.
It basically says, "we agree with the UN!". Except the UN right now are
just pointing their fingers at Mugabe and saying "bad boy, you."

And Mugabe thrives on that. You know, like Dr. Evil.

Though, apparently, there is a chance that the UN could intervene, according to an article in the Economist. And they are smarty pants over there. So I'm gonna trust them for now.

So let's watch and see what happens today. The story continues to tick on
by the moment and I truly wish I was there to witness it with my own


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