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There are so may awesome rewards and benefits about being an Ambassador for races but let me just say not all Ambassador partnerships rock. Some races just throw out a name and give the ambassador an entry and that’s the end of story… but some programs are beyond amazing. Some including ZOOMA Women’s Series.

When I signed up for ZOOMA Annapolis I had no idea what I was in for, I honestly just like to support women. :) But then, these awesome boxes from our sponsors started knocking at my door ….

and this…

and you get the point right?

I was loving it all!

Promoting a race is easy to do when you love who you are “working for.” So, when ZOOMA is in your area, I highly suggest on filling out an application. The friendships you make along the way are irreplaceable.


My girlfriend, Lara and I started our journey to Annapolis at a sleepy 5:15 am. I was late forgetting my purse and running with my head chopped off but I remembered to get gas the evening before – SCORE!


We arrived with time to spare. Thank goodness cause I had to use the bathroom and “WOWZA” the lines were incredibly long.


I have no idea what that chica is doing – I would like to think it’s the happy pee dance.

After I finally got through the lines, I had one minute to spare. They were on the countdown and I didn’t have time to check my bag in! So I dropped it in the parking lot by the start line near a car  (but the person left before I finished my race) and that can only mean that one lucky person received my Larabar and Smartwater. Congrats to you, whoever you may be.

The race was packed with enthusiastic runners, smiling and ready for the day.


As runners crossed the start line, I heard a familiar voice shout, “AMBER!” It was my awesome friend, Courtney from Mommy Can Run. It was her first 10k and I was able to run it with her!

Here’s where the story falls apart.

I would like to blame it on tired legs from my relay race five days prior or the fact that I was chit chatting with Court the whole way, but the truth is, I really struggled at this race.

Usually, I’m well confident in my 6 miles but that race day told a different story…

For the first time ever, I experienced fatigue. I mean, my legs felt super heavy and picking them up was difficult. My normal sub-11 miles were now sub -14. I really didn’t mind because I thought I would be there “supporting Courtney” but it turned out I needed her support more than she needed mine.

It was also the first time I ever talked during a race – usually I’m zoned out in music and at my own pace. Sometimes I even stop for a little walk, but no…Courtney wasn’t having it. She made me run the whole thing – sigh – but I did stop once on the last hill and may have took extra time at water stops…. maybe…


Although there was a nice breeze running by ever so often, I was covered in sweat. It was still dang hot and I was physically done.

But when I finally saw the finish line in the distance, I was extremely focused. Like scary focused.

finish line

I have never wanted to cross a finish line so badly. To the point I grabbed the railing when I was done to just breathe.

Time: 1:21:04

And my girl, Lara…killed it ten minutes earlier than we did! I am SUPER proud of both my friends!


Look, I made it and it was quite challenging with them hills and all ;) but I’m looking forward to doing it next year. It’s not going to kick this girls booty again.

ZOOMA 05.31.14

On a side note, the only thing I can complain about is the turning point in the race. It really wasn’t clear where the 10k turns around and the half marathon runners keep going. If I could improve anything in the race at all, it would be to have markers or signs or something to indicate the turn around points better.

Other than that, it was a fabulous race. Filled with fun and exciting. Even the after party had some yoga which was awesome!

Question: Which ZOOMA do you want to run?

Annapolis? Texas? Napa Valley? Florida? Cape Cod?