zucchini gazpacho

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Say what? Gazpacho with no tomatoes in it?  And it isn’t even weird white gazpacho with its grapes and almonds?  What mockery is this?

This, my friends, this is what happens when I buy way too many zucchini at the farmer’s market because they were “such a good deal!”  And then the good deal zucchini sat in a huge pile in my fridge looking at me for days on end, and I didn’t know what else to do with them.  That’s what this is.

 Well, that and I have had a craving for gazpacho for weeks now.  Unfortunately, the Big Man hates tomatoes with a maniacal hatred.  (Yes, this hatred comes from the same man that tore into fresh tomato sauce last week.  The same man who flings his tomatoes onto my plate in the restaurant before dousing his burger and fries with ketchup.  I just roll with it).  I love gazpacho, but whenever I make it I have to eat all of it by myself.  I’m usually okay with this set up for the first gallon or so, but since I somehow always make waaay more than I intend, it’s better to have someone else in the house that I can off the rest of it onto.


One of the best things about gazpacho (green, white, red, whatever) is that you can go crazy with toppings.  And I love me some toppings.  Being as I prefer not to boil to death in my own house, I do not make chili in the summertime as it requires so much time spent simmering on the stove.  With gazpacho, however, I can go toppings crazy- just like I do with chili in the wintertime.  Love it.


And, like most good recipes (and especially those that require little to no cooking) this stuff just gets better with age.  It’s like a fine wine.  That is, it ages well if it stays around long enough.  Make this gazpacho and keep on beating the heat, my friends.  Fall is just around the corner.


xo omeletta


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