Zucchini…Not Just for Bread or Muffins!

Zucchinis grow prolifically in the summer.  They are easily grown in home gardens with little to no effort.  This is probably why we all have some, if not too many, on hand at this time of year.  What to do with all these yummy green fruits?

Yes I said fruit!  Zucchinis are botanically speaking fruit, even though we most commonly use them as vegetables in the kitchen.  They come from a flower (which are edible and quite yummy) and have seeds.  They are classified as summer squash.  And as any gardener knows, if you forget to check your garden for a few rainy warm days, they can grow incredibly huge!  They however are much tastier when picked younger and smaller.

Zucchini are low in calories.  They are an excellent source of potassium (more than a banana).  They are just darn good for you!

Now back to the question of what to do with them? Well as the post title mentions, they are great in sweet treats such as breads and muffins.  They are also wonderful in savory dishes such as my posting for Ohio City Spicy Lime Cilantro Confetti Pasta (can’t get your hands on Ohio City Pasta- never fear try the recipe with your favorite fresh or dry pasta it will still be delicious).

Can’t make your mind up whether to go sweet or savory?  Well I got you covered with the perfect recipe.  Try my Zucchini Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Thyme Yogurt Sauce, they are a little sweet and a little savory all combined.  They are also perfect for those meatless days!

So now that you have all those zucchinis and are armed with some tasty recipes…GET COOKING!