Zuckerberg’s Immaturity and Inexperience Hurt Facebook on Privacy Issues

Look, I completely believe that this generation of kids has their finger on the pulse of the massive change needed to bring us to a more humane, connected, responsible world.  I give a LOT of leeway to young thinkers, precisely BECAUSE they are not tied up yet in societal rules.  The George Lucas Educational Foundation (glef.org) has great insight into the kind of education we need to provide to these kids, so that they can use their out-of-the-box thinking to get us, well, you know, out of the box.  Clearly, our pseudo-capitalist financial system (really more of an oligarchy) needs dramatic change;  our food production system is making Americans fat (and is really more socialist, with its multi-billion dollar big-farm subsidies); our criminal justice system spends more to incarcerate our young than we do to educate them.  We need young minds to ponder and act on their instincts, since bandaids aren't enough to fix our current mess.

But Zuckerberg is WRONG.  There IS a place for privacy on the web, and most of his users completely believe that Facebook WILL protect their privacy.  A few days ago, supposedly, Facebook bigwigs sat down for a quickly pulled together meeting, because of the global backlash against Facebook's 'we own you' draconian privacy intrusions.

You know Facebook will deny they're up against a wall, but they are up against a proverbial wall.

The kid who allegedly texted while at Harvard saying that people who gave him personal information on the internet are dumb f**ks, is now in charge of the largest-ever cache of human information in history.  Is he acting with maturity, with foresight and with hindsight?


Because he's too young to understand the implications of his actions.  He's literally selling the individual proprietary stories of millions of human lives, in the interest of money making.  He's enacting a social experiment that he doesn't understand, and he's destroying any trust that Facebook users have in him.

What he doesn't see is that he's already created the most successful (yet) global brain.  People from all over the planet connect on his platform.  He's gone from 'fringe' to 'mainstream', in less than a decade.  He has a caretaking, leadership responsibility to all his users, and he fails them when he makes them take 20 steps to protect their privacy.  I went on to my account and my daughter's account and shut the spy hole on us, but I was able to do it because I'm tech savvy.  Regular social users of Facebook are being sold upriver.

So let's hope there's a bit of 'Dude, you don't know enough to have made this decision' conversation today.  Let's hope that Facebook has some wise, more life-experienced people at the meeting, who can tell the Emperor that he's accidentally stripped all the people instead of himself.

At this point in the growth of the social web, it DOES matter that each individual assumes that they are protected by apps and websites and platforms that they use.

Zuckerberg, and sadly Facebook, have not shown maturity and consideration and due diligence in caring for their community.  This just-turned 26 year old clearly doesn't understand what he's done and hopefully SOMEone at Facebook can get him to do what's right, not sell his users.