Oh no - it's July 2nd.  Didn't I say not too long ago that I was going to be focused in July?  Crud.  July is here.  I guess I haven't really done anything too wrong, but I did ingest an ice cream sandwich moments ago AND some chocolate earlier.  I did not exercise this weekend, nor anything of real substance today, though I did go to a Zumba class.

The class was fun and I loved loved loved the loud music, but I didn't really break a sweat so it certainly wasn't as intense as the other stuff I do.  Part of the reason I took the days off was to give my poor inflamed tendons some chance to regroup.

Tomorrow, however, I'm back to business.  I'm committed to my gym partner to leave the house at 6:15 for a good full hour long workout.  It is always easier to plan at night what I'll do tomorrow.  I have Great Plans to do Jillian and then a vigorous fast paced long strided run on the treadmill.  In actuality, I'll probably hobble along at a 15 minute mile and then do some major mental arguments on why I should or should not stop early.  Running outside is SO much easier, but it's not going to happen tomorrow.

As for my aches...

I visited the acupuncturist again today before she left town and it was a different experience from my first visit.  It was not as dramatic - last time I felt my hands, feet and legs get very hot.  This time was mellower and I can't really say if there was anything beneficial, but I liked going and I feel as if the process helps  - not in some direct-pop-a-pill-and-the-problem-goes-away-way, but more in a holistic one-part-of-the-process support.

We talked about balance and feeling centered and even keel.  I'm curious to see if I'll notice anything once I start taking the herbal solution.  She said it definitely helped her energy levels when she was working and in school.  I wouldn't mind if it helps me.  I've been aware that, even though I'm exercising and sleeping decent amounts, I've been upping my coffee intake in order to rally up energy to do things.

My body has gone through a lot this year.  It's far healthier than it was, but its job, at some level, is to stay right where it's at (even if that is fat) and I keep asking it to lose weight and to change.  It may be good changes, but I think it's still stressful on my body and I think I need to figure out ways to help it through this process with a bit more support.



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