Using Her Power for Good: Top Entrepreneurs Pay it Forward Judging “The Pitch” at #BlogHer18 Health

By Samantha Skey

The Pitch is a platform and live event series that elevates, connects & celebrates female entrepreneurs. The Pitch platform elevates female entrepreneurship and innovation and serves to inspire a global community of women. The BlogHer community, in partnership with an assembly of strong women and men, hopes to change the ratio of women-led businesses.
We are stoked to host The Pitch competition on-stage at #BlogHer18 Health this Jan. 31 in New York City. We will hear from some amazing women who are making waves in the health tech and wellness innovation.

Today, we welcome our brilliant panel of judges who after building successful businesses themselves, use their power to raise up others.  

In recent months, we have engaged in a range of discussions about a league of powerful executives who misused their power to denigrate employees, colleagues and would-be mentees.  Amid that unsurprising and overdue cattle call of offenders, we offer a respite to celebrate productive and meaningful use of power for good.   The Pitch’s esteemed judges bolster others investing their time and knowledge into a community of women who will continue to pass on the power. 

The Pitch judges will offer their expertise to our newest crop of pitchers. Meet Katherine Ryder, Tonya Lewis Lee, and Jaime Schmidt:

Katherine Ryder: Katherine Ryder is the founder and CEO of Maven, an expert health network for women that leverages technology to expand access, lower costs, and make our healthcare system more inclusive. Maven offers on-demand video appointments, texts, and instant access to prescriptions to any woman, anywhere via its best-in-class health practitioner network. Maven Maternity is the leading maternity benefits program, helping expectant parents navigate fertility to the so-called “fourth trimester,” the transition back to work and all points in between.

Tonya Lewis Lee: Sharing health & wellness practices alongside the importance of women’s health is something Tonya has always been passionate about. As a self-made producer, writer and entrepreneur, Tonya is promoting self-esteem and positive health outcomes through storytelling online, in books, film and television including her most recent launch of the Netflix sensation, She’s Gotta Have It with husband Spike Lee. Tonya has devoted her efforts spanning two US administrations for nearly a decade with the program, A Healthy Baby Begins with You, to deliver valuable health information to millions of women. Tonya launched the news platform, Healthy You Now, featuring insightful articles and advice to encourage women of all ages, shapes and sizes to live happier, healthier lives. Tonya is continuing to expand her role as a women’s health advocate with the recent launch of her new line of premium women’s vitamin supplements, Movita. Created by Tonya and her army of specialists, doctors, and friends, Movita’s first product is a non-GMO, whole food based source of vitamins and minerals, expertly formulated to support each and every woman in her busy life and unique health needs.

Jaime SchmidtSchmidt’s Naturalsthe new face of natural, is leading the charge to change the way people think about natural products making them accessible to all. Inspired by the Makers Movement taking place in Portland, Oregon, Jaime Schmidt began testing and retesting thousands of deodorant scents and formulas in her kitchen to perfect what is now Schmidt’s Naturals. Since the company’s start in 2010 selling products at the local farmer’s market, Schmidt’s has grown to a mass level reaching consumers across the globe. Jaime Schmidt is committed to providing effective, sustainably sourced, all-natural personal care products.


Judges Katherine, Tonya and Jaime will join The Pitch emcee, Camila Alves McConaughey, co-owner of Yummy Spoonfuls, which aims to change the way babies and young children are nourished. 

We are still accepting submissions to pitch your health & wellness startup at #BlogHer18 Health. If you or someone you know is interested, please fill out the application here!

Look forward to seeing you all in Jan.