Announcing Influencer Panel: Business of Influence

by Jordan Boswell

We are so excited to announce the second of our four influencer breakout sessions, The Business of Influence. This talent-studded workshop will tackle all of the big questions you have about navigating the influencer industry, from determining your ideal partnerships to agency representation. Industry leader, Reesa Lake will be leading the discussion with influencers, Christine Bibbo Herr from NYC Pretty and wellness expert, Chinae Alexander.


In this session, attendees will hear the ins and outs of the industry from these amazing women who built their brands in their own unique ways. You will learn how to work with health brands, navigate complicated FTC regulations, and understand your value as a content creator. It will be an amazing discussion you won’t want to miss!

Meet the Panelists:
Reesa Lake: Reesa Lake is Partner, Senior Vice President of Brand Partnerships at Digital Brand Architects, where she leads development with brands, agencies, publishing houses, and digital networks, amongst others. With over fifteen years of media experience, from traditional print to television to digital, Reesa is one of the foremost experts in branded content and integrations, marketing and branding.

Reesa was the first talent manager at DBA, focusing on growing bloggers into brands and working with the founders to create an industry-wide shift from traditional influencers to new media ones. Having been behind thousands of the most known influencer programs with brands that range from Cartier to Volvo as well as the strategic positioning of the industry's most coveted talent, she is a pioneer in the social media space.

Christine Bibbo Herr: Christine Bibbo Herr is among the most sought-after stylists/spokespersons/fitness fanatics in New York City. She is an independent stylist and widely-followed lifestyle blogger at, where she provides readers with current fashion, beauty, and fitness inspiration for girls and women everywhere. Christine was the contributing editor and spokesperson for Life & Style Magazine, and is currently a style and beauty contributor for Whether on TV segments, fashion spreads, advertising campaigns, runway shows, or fitness projects, Christine has styled a vast range of people, celebrities, and brands. Her passion for her work and a healthy lifestyle have taken her from inside the fashion industry to the yoga mat, covering the hottest fashion trends and workout crazes.

Chinae Alexander: Former Texan-turned-New Yorker, Chinae Alexander is an entrepreneur, lifestyle personality, writer, speaker, and wellness expert based in Brooklyn, New York. Her message is to empower women to be better through positive thinking, active change, self-love…with a lot of laughing and perhaps even some curse words along the way. In addition to talking about her deep inner dislike of kale publicly in front of thousands on the internet, Chinae owns a successful event planning company, has a new YouTube channel, is in the first stages of her first book, and is creating your soon-to-be favorite podcast.