Calling All Voices of the Year Nominations for #BlogHer Health in January!


Celebrating Women’s Voices

The Voices of the Year (#VOTY) Awards are coming to #BlogHer Health this January in LA!

For decades the #VOTY Awards have honored women’s voices celebrating those who have used their platforms and their voices to make us think, feel, laugh and aspire to greatness.

BlogHer has always recognized content creators whose work deserves to be heard, seen, read and shared. We are looking for inspiring members of the BlogHer community who share their authentic stories to inspire, revolutionize, and empower women.

The VOTY Awards in Health will recognize women who have produced tangible and meaningful impact in women’s health online and around the world.

We accept all types of content including photos, videos, written work, businesses, campaigns, hashtags, and more!

Nominations for the #BlogHer Health VOTY will close on November 26th at 11:59 pm ET.

Enter here.

*Note only ONE submission per person