Massy Arias Takes BlogHer Health

by Jordan Boswell


meet massy arias

This Celebrity Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Super Mom joins the BlogHer Health lineup. Learn about her amazing story below!

As the holiday season gets into full swing, it can be hard to stay healthy between plates of Christmas cookies and Thanksgiving feasts. However, there’s one health maven who never misses a beat when it comes to staying fit and healthy during the holidays -- Massy Arias. Massy who is a celebrity fitness trainer, the founder of Tru Protein Supplements, and boasts 2.5 million devoted Instagram followers, will be joining us at BlogHer Health this January!

Between running a supplement company, fostering a community of health and fitness enthusiasts, on top of becoming the latest CoverGirl, Massy is a force to be reckoned with. Having moved to the US from the Dominican Republic as a young teen, Massy was independent from a young age, and despite challenges such as the language barrier, she has always been quite ambitious. She ultimately enrolled in school and secured a full-time job to pay the bills all while coping with family trauma and an abusive relationship. The emotional stress caused by sum of these life factors pushed Massy into a depression that was isolating and debilitating to the point where she could no longer leave her home. The pain she endured was only alleviated when she began to exercise regularly and the gym literally saved her life. In a candid interview at BlogHer Health this January we will hear about her rise to success despite personal hardship and depression, and learn how she has overcome the obstacles to become one of the most influential leaders in health and fitness in the world.

Today, Massy encourages women and girls everywhere to be confident, strong and healthy, with longevity in mind. Massy believes wholeheartedly that health should be an attainable and life-long mission to feel good, not just to secure abs for the beach. She seeks to inspire based on her philosophy that healthy is happy, rather than by her appearance. In addition to her impressive work ethic as a businesswoman, Massy is also a wife and mom, and her workouts online are now often a family affair.

We are so excited to have Massy join us this winter, so please join us in welcoming Massy to BlogHer Health and purchase your ticket today!

Jordan Boswell