Q+A with Tonya Lewis Lee, #BlogHer18 Health Pitch Judge

by Jordan Boswell


Founding a health and wellness company is no simple feat. Add in filmmaking and writing, and you have the perfect storm of businesses endeavors, and #BlogHer18 Health Pitch Judge, Tonya Lewis Lee, makes it look easy. With grace and passion, Tonya shares her success story, advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, and her tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle this year. 

We are so excited for you to be Pitch judge at BlogHer Health. What advice would you give to up-and-comers who are seeking to start a business in the health and wellness space? 

TLL: First, I would say that if you are going to do business in the health wellness space, you should practice what you preach... meaning living the lifestyle you are suggesting for others is an important first step.



Having started your career in entertainment, what inspired you to start your business, Movita Organics?

TLL:  I started Movita Organics as an extension of my work in women's health.  I have spent over a decade being an advocate for best health practices for women.  Movita Organics is a way for me to keep the conversation going about living a healthy lifestyle and at the same time allows me to provide tools to women to actually work towards the discipline and practice of making good decisions for one's health.

How has your work as an activist impacted your business decisions and your company’s mission? 

TLL: As I mention above, while we are a business, we are very mission-driven to help women find a sense of community along with tangible tools to find a path towards good health practices.  I believe that when women are tuned into their own wellness, that spills over into their families and into their communities.  Ultimately, we are working towards building healthier communities and the paths that take women there.  

What are your plans for the future of Movita Organics?
TLL: We started the brand with a multi-vitamin.  We are excited to expand the brand to pre-natal, post-natal, D3 and a beauty supplement.  I look forward to expanding our brand to several products to help women live their best lives.

What are 3 health tips you would like to give women for 2018?
TLL: My three health tips for women in 2018, exercise as much as you can, drink lots of water and breathe!