Influencer Insider: Christine Michel Carter on Marketing Yourself as a Personal Brand

by Jordan Boswell


build your personal brand

#BlogHer18 Creators Summit Speaker, Christine Michel Carter, talks challenging the status quo, leveraging important relationships and never giving up as you begin to build your personal brand.

Joining us as a speaker at #BlogHer18 Creators Summit, is global marketing expert and Forbes writer Christine Michel Carter. An expert in her field, we wanted to learn from her how best to position yourself as a brand to stand out in the saturated influencer space. We sat down with her to discuss personal brand marketing in our first Influencer Insider column. Check out her advice below!

As a global marketing expert, you know how critical it is to build your personal brand and market it in the right way. What are your top three tips for marketing yourself as a brand?

  1. Challenge the status quo, and market yourself based on the emotions and insights of your target audience, not how your peers and competitors are currently marketing themselves. Don’t be afraid to pay attention to marketing outside of your industry and refine it for your audience.
  2. Leverage relationships you may have with bigger brands and look for ways to cross-promote or co-brand. Don’t worry about being the junior person in the relationship; even the bigger brand has something they need to leverage from you. It’s your job to figure out what that is.

  3. If at first you don’t succeed, fail again. Then fail again. Don’t be afraid to take risks when marketing yourself as a brand. Personal brands have a unique advantage in that failure, change and growth are appreciated. Who wants to engage with a perfect person after all?

What is the most common pitfall you see made when building a personal brand?

CMC: The most common pitfall I see made when building a personal brand is a lack of strategy, a clear definition of where the woman wants her personal brand to be in 1, 5, or even 10 years. All too often women get stuck in the general statement, “I want to build my brand,” and allow themselves to get consumed by the variety of tactics they can execute to actually do so.

What are the latest tools and resources content-creators can utilize to create a personal brand that stands out and breaks through the clutter?

CMC: METRICS. DATA. INSIGHTS! Content creators should be tracking their analytics regularly. There are so many cloud-based tools and resources available now for the everyday person to become their own data analyst, there’s no excuse not to know the when, where, who, and what about your audience.  Regularly tracking this helps you refine content, notice patterns, get inside the mind of your audience, and thus… develop insights. Insights are your audience’s why, and when brands tap into the why… they always stand out and break through the clutter.

Christine has so much more to share -- don't miss her at #BlogHer18 Creators Summit this August and purchase your ticket today!