Meet the Female Gamechangers

by Jordan Boswell

made by women for women

There's an exciting shift happening in women's health that impacts us all, and these ladies are leading the charge! 

While some women’s health products, like Vagisil, have been popular for decades, over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in health products made by women, for women. Previously, health products geared towards women were marketed based on the idea that there’s something wrong with our bodies — we’re either too fat, too smelly, not traditionally beautiful enough.

These women are working to fix that!

Meet the Female Gamechangers: Keech Combe Shetty is part of the third generation to manage Combe, Inc, a company that was founded by her grandfather in 1949 to create products that fulfill unmet consumer needs in the personal care space; Bethany Edwards co-created Lia, the first flushable and biodegradable pregnancy test (available later this year) and won #ThePitch competition for female entrepreneurs at our #BlogHer18 Health event in January; and BlogHer's own Dr. Elizabeth Yuko who is our SheKnows Health & Sex Editor, bioethicist and writer, and will moderate this discussion.

Together, they'll offer advice to other entrepreneurs looking to break in to the health product space, discuss untapped markets that are ripe with opportunity, and share what they wish they knew when first starting out.

Learn about these women, who have created trailblazing health products and are making healthcare and personal care better for all of us:

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