#BlogHer19 Creators Summit and Adobe: The Business of Hustling

by Lindsay Valdez


Learn how to tell your story through video content.

Influencer, Amber Torrealba introduces us to Adobe’s new Premiere Rush: the first all-in-one, cross device video editing app by Adobe. Connecting with your audience by creating engaging content has never been easier.

At last month’s #BlogHer19 Creators Summit conference I sat in on the #BlogHerU Session, The Business of Hustling: tools that will help you get ahead of the game. This sessions was sponsored by Adobe and presented by Influencer, Brand Ambassador and Creative Director, Amber Torrealba. Amber shared her journey of leaving her safe, corporate-America job to build her brand, and document her experience as she went along. Part tactical video editing tips, part inspirational encouragement to live your life to the fullest, Amber came off as sincere as she walked us through Adobe’s new product, Premiere Rush.

Amber started by sharing a bit about her story. After working a corporate 9 to 5 job for 7 years, she realized that she wanted to align her career with something she was more passionate about which was photography and video editing. She picked up her life and moved from Florida to California and has worked as an Adobe Brand Ambassador for the last 2 years. She is also a pro skimboarder and spends a lot of time at the beach practicing and training. Amber encouraged the audience to find their passion and that the process to get there can look different for everyone. The process she took to get to where she is today was to seek out Balance, Creativity and Community.

You can watch Amber’s entire BlogHer Creators Summit presentation in the video below!

Adobe Premiere Rush has the tools you’ll need to:

  • Build your brand story

  • Be authentic in your branding

  • Stand out in social media

Amber enjoys telling her story through video work made possible by Adobe’s Premiere Rush. Premiere Rush is the first all-in-one, cross device video editing app that makes creating and sharing online content easier than ever.  Some of the main benefits of Rush include how intuitive it is, the ability to edit professional quality video, and the ability to work on mobile so you’re not tied to your laptop or computer. The edit on-the-go capabilities of Rush was a huge benefit that stood out to me. The ability to edit right on my phone makes creating compelling videos so much more convenient in my busy lifestyle.

Depending on your level of expertise, video editing can certainly seem intimidating. Premiere Rush is easy to use and allows you to shoot, edit and publish in record time. With its built-in camera functionality, you can record high quality footage on your mobile device. Editing the video is extremely user friendly, with simple tools for color, audio and graphics. Once editing is complete, you can share with your audience right from the app to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Another benefit is the ability to use the power of Rush to build your brand. The fully customizable Motion Graphics templates that can help make your brand stand out ! If you’re like me and think slick branding in an online video is difficult to accomplish, you should try Rush! It looked simple and not at all overwhelming.

Branding is a huge part of today's society. Legacy brands are trying to stay alive while new ones are struggling to stand out in an over saturated market. Some sort of branding should be included with every piece of content you publish, from web pages to social posts and videos. As you continue building your brand, using consistent styling with images, text overlays and captions will help your content stand out. This can all be achieved in Rush on desktop and mobile.

Establish Your Branding Style

  • Choose content, colors, and fonts that authentically represent what you’re trying to convey.

  • Keep it simple.

  • Keep it consistent.

A great tool to enhance your style is the color panel in Rush. When you shoot your footage, consider the exposure, temperature and saturation beforehand and refine in your editsYou can enhance the color through the built-in filters in Rush or create your own.

To recap, what branding capabilities does Adobe Rush offer to video content creators?

  • Use Logos in your videos

  • Add stylized titles and overlays

  • Include text and captions

  • Style your videos

How to Stand Out in Social Media

Customize your content for each individual social platform.. She walked through optimization tips for each platform that included:

  • YouTube: Talking head, storytelling.

  • Instagram Stories: Behind the scenes, your real life – raw and uncut.

  • Instagram & Facebook: Beautiful, real pictures.

  • Twitter: Catchy, short-lived.

Amber’s advice was to stay native and active on each social channel; community is key. We need to relate to our audience, engage with them, ask them questions - these are the things that build community. Especially for your audience on Instagram and YouTube.Community is a mission that’s very important to us at BlogHer & SHE Media so we loved Amber taking the time to talk about that.

Better Transitions

  • Make your edit flow.

  • Transitions include cut, cross-dissolve and fade.

  • Take advantage of creative and in-camera transitions.

Audio Capabilities

  • Add music or sound effects to your video.

  • Create a feeling through the audio.

  • Use the auto-ducking feature to automatically dip music when someone is talking.

  • Record your voiceover directly into the app.

  • Just remember, there are copyright guidelines for you to follow.

Once your video is complete, Amber showed us how to export directly to your favorite social channel directly from the app. Amber was energetic, genuine and she really connected with the audience.

You can try Rush for free here: adobe.ly/getrush.