Best Bites from Bethenny Frankel at #BlogHer19 Food

by Amanda Lederman


Keeping it Real with the Realest of Housewives, Bethenny Frankel.

Here are some of Bethenny Frankel’s best bites from #BlogHer19 Food!

Be organized. Be structured. Don’t procrastinate. Get things done immediately. These are just a few words of wisdom Real Housewives of New York star, entrepreneur, and businesswoman, Bethenny Frankel, offered to our #BlogHer19 Food audience within the first 5 minutes of her interview SHE Media Editor, Justine Goodman.

When it comes to impressive careers, Bethenny quite literally takes the cake. Her rolodex extends far beyond her #RHONY friends and the Skinnygirl founder certainly wasn’t afraid to reach out to those she wanted to connect with. We’re excited to share our top ten badass quotes and Bethenny’s best bites from her candid conversation at BlogHer Food.

Bethenny Frankel backstage at #BlogHer19 Food

Bethenny Frankel backstage at #BlogHer19 Food

  1. “We’re all so stretched thin and you can’t be perfect… Quality and presence of time is really important.”

  2. “You can’t create a life out of a lifestyle, but you can create a lifestyle out of a life.”

  3. “The reason that I’m successful is because I work hard. I’m passionate. I’m focused and direct.”

  4. “I don’t care if someone likes me if I’m happy with who I am, and with what I’ve done.”

  5. “If you try to please everybody in business, you end up pleasing no one. I’m not a pleaser.”

  6. “Have a general idea what’s going to happen but be able to pivot.”

  7. “I have been more correct than divorce lawyers, than business lawyers, than the people that did my Beam [Global] deal and I didn’t know anything about any of these things. I didn’t know anything about liquor, I didn’t know anything about divorces, and I’ve literally come up with things that have changed my life as a result.”

  8. “When I fail, and I’ve failed so many times, I just pick myself up and brush myself off. You have to be invested at all times and regroup when you hit a roadblock.”

  9. “It’s the greatest time to be an entrepreneur because the world is open to it, but it's the hardest time because everyone’s an entrepreneur.”

  10. “Everyone is accessible… You have to jump off the page. People are more accessible but not if you’re going to just blend in to a sea of everybody else. You have to figure out innovative and creative ways.”

And one more just because…

“Get to the finish line and then call yourself Mariah Carey.”

Check out Bethenny’s #WinningWomen full interview in our YouTube video below!

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