#BlogHer19 Creators Summit: Showstopping Moments and More

by Amanda Lederman


Thank you for attending #BlogHer19 Creators Summit

Couldn’t make it this year? Keep reading for some of our favorite speaker moments!

Summit was incredible! If you were one of our fabulous attendees at #BlogHer19 Creators Summit last week, you know that’s a #FACT! If you couldn’t make it to Brooklyn, we’ve got you covered. Nothing replaces the experience of being at a #BlogHer event, but over the next few weeks we’ll be uploading select panels and talks on our YouTube channel, sharing highlights from our most insightful speakers (like Sarah Jessica Parker, Keke Palmer, and the Co-Founders of theSkimm) and #BlogHer U sessions (like talks from Adobe and Constant Contact) on our blog. Plus, we’ll post the world’s coolest activations and inspiring messages across our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and combine our notes with our BlogHer Creators community.

But first, we need to give the biggest shoutout and THANK YOU to all our moderators, panelists, speakers, sponsors, and attendees for making #BlogHer19 Creators Summit two days packed full of learning, encouragement, inspiration, and insta-worthy moments. I don’t think we’ll ever come down from this high! 

Continue on and read our speakers’ perspectives on authenticity, growing their businesses and careers, and following their passions. Also subscribe to our newsletter and come back to our blog for summit specific learnings on SEO, email marketing, Pinterest, and more! Enjoy some of our favorite quotes from our most loved #BlogHer19 Creators Summit speakers below!


Just Ask Sarah Jessica Parker!

Sarah Jessica Parker is our fearless leader when it comes to business strategy. Her secret? Just ask! Her quotes have us motivated to jump on LinkedIn, pick up the phone, and/or run to our nearest networking event.

“Simply reach out. The worst that can happen is someone disappoints you, and then you move on to the next person.”

“It’s not easy to leave the job that you have to do in order to do the thing that you want to do. That’s the truth for most American women… I hope that we can make things in their lives better so… they can dream, so they can fulfill their potential and have second and third and fourth acts.”

“It really is just about experience, that’s what we’re all wanting, even if it’s the road to the destination, we’re better for it.”


Hustle on, Keke!

Keke Palmer is hilarious and inspiring, and we’re #GRATEFUL the self-proclaimed “millennial diva” graced us with presence. We walked away crying and laughing at the same time. Keke shared how being part of the film “Hustlers” helped her embrace her sexuality and at times she found herself in awe of the places her career has taken her... but not without some hustle! (Get it?)

“A lot of times as women... we’re meant to feel shamed by our sexuality. (In “Hustlers”) we felt so embraced by one another and so embraced by what we felt about this film that we got to experience what made us beautiful without feeling ashamed about it.”

“Everybody’s not gonna like you, everybody’s not gonna listen to what you have to say. But that doesn’t mean you gotta stop being who you are.”

“I had a great support system growing up. My mom always told me you don’t have to be one thing, you can be anything… whatever you want to be just try to be the best at it.”


All Our Summit Speakers were Fab, don’t @ us

To write a round-up of every showstopping speaker moment would take us until #BlogHer20 Creators Summit, so here’s a few quotes from our legendary speakers that we truly admire.

“You have to conquer that moment where you’re like, ‘This is so awkward, what am I going to say this person.’ … You’re not going to get that moment back again. And at the end of the day, you’re the one that lost.” - Carly Zakin, Co-Founder of theSkimm

“All women are ultimately trying to empower themselves, even if they don’t know how to do it.” - Connie Britton

“If you want to see more female-founded businesses, there’s only one thing you can do: Support female-founded businesses.” - Gail Becker, Founder & CEO of Caulipower

“Keep your beginner’s mind… it means that you’re doing things differently, and that’s what the world needs.” - Liz Plank, Author, Journalist & Executive Producer at Vox Media

“I believe women are the answer to the future — we hold the future in our hands.” - #VOTY Honoree Alexandra Posen, Artist at Resistance By Design

“If you don’t know what to do, do something.” - SHE Media Partner Network’s Michelle Madhok, Founder & CEO of SHEfinds.com

“Love yourself. I know it sounds cheesy but when you love yourself, you take care of yourself… and you can move past anything.” - Diane Guerrero, Actress, Author & Activist

“You introduce yourself with your energy before you even open your mouth… your vibe attracts your tribe.” - SHE Media Partner Network’s Emma Lovewell, Health & Wellness Expert, LIVE LEARN LOVEWELL

“I was reverse-engineering my life. I knew where I wanted to be in 15 years… Not everyone has a north star and that’s OK. That’s just what worked for me.” - Hannah Bronfman, Author, DJ & Founder of HBFIT

“They look at women’s wellness categories like, ‘Oh, we can just do what’s always been done, let’s just slap some new packaging on it and make it feel empowering, that’s going to do the trick.” And they’re so dead wrong.” - Lo Bosworth, Author & Founder of Love Wellness

“The first and most important thing that I have found is to know yourself… and then use that to accomplish the things that we’re trying to accomplish.” - Connie Britton, Actress & Activist


We’re so thankful for 15 years of educational and inspirational moments with all of you. We are looking forward to more #BlogHer before the end of the year, in 2020, and beyond!