Introducing BlogHer U: The Premier Destination for Women Content Creators


For 14 years, BlogHer has inspired women to discover, create, and share the content that celebrates their passions. Our conference was created to amplify and empower women’s voices, and we’ve decided to take the core programming of BlogHer – that is, the educational and inspirational keynotes and panels – and make it accessible year round.

We’re excited to present BlogHer U: The premiere education destination for women content creators, entrepreneurs, and publishers alike. With original content, BlogHer U will be designed to elevate, advance, and empower women to turn their passions into a business and life they love through curated multimedia e-learning content.

Unlike other Influencer networks, BlogHer is truly invested in our partners succeeding. And when we say partners, that includes our content creators, the influencers of the world, and your future business.

It’s an exciting time to be a content creator. Everywhere you look, there is a new app or a new platform to help creators generate and share the best quality content, but how do you make the most of what’s out there? What’s the best way to generate revenue from your passions? How do we make sure the content we’re producing is properly SEO’d to earn Google’s coveted top rankings? BlogHer U is your destination.

Hillary Adler