#BlogHer U: The Business of Influence Recap

by Amanda Lederman and Lindsay Valdez


Learn how to optimize your earning potential through Paid partnerships with brands, additional revenue streams and more.

#BlogHer19 Food provided content creators with the education and inspiration they needed to take their passions to profit: to build sustainable businesses from the ground up.

How do you go beyond just creating content every day? How does influence become a business? We consulted creative bloggers-turned-businesswomen Kendra Bracken-Ferguson of BrainTrust, Rayna Greenberg of One Hungry Jew and Girls Gotta Eat Podcast, Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized, and Rachel Mansfield of RACHLmansfield on their experiences turning their creative food passions into profitable careers. Dive into their experiences monetizing their blogs and social media accounts, creating meaningful collaborations, and being unapologetic about asking for money.

Watch the full #BlogHer U discussion from #BlogHer19 Food on YouTube below!

SHE Media’s Director or Audience Development, Lindsay Valdez, shared her takeaways and highlights from the panel including advice on how to start organic conversations with brands, having the data to back up your rates, and finding a niche that sells.

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