#BlogHer19 Creators Summit Recap: Next Level Digital Marketing with Constant Contact

by Lindsay Valdez


43% of businesses who are online are seeing significant growth

Constant Contact’s Marketing Manager, Jenna Shaffer & Unique Markets Founder, Sonja Rasula share with us how to move your business forward using social media, SEO and e-mail marketing.

At last week’s #BlogHer19 Creators Summit conference I had the pleasure of introducing Jenna and Sonja to the stage for their #BlogHerU session called Next Level Digital Marketing: Using Social, Google, Email and MORE. The girls were amazing and the room was packed, but just in case you missed it we’re recapping their session for you here today.

The presentation covered:

  • How people find you online.

  • How to increase your follower engagement on social media using e-mail marketing.

  • The best online channels for new and repeat business.

  • E-mail’s role in digital marketing.

  • How to turn website visitors into new e-mail contacts.


There are several ways people can find your brand online. This can be through branded search queries or unbranded and your site can appear in paid search, organic search, a business listing or via social media listings.

It’s important to know how and where your brand is displayed online. To find out what people see when they find you online, Jenna walked through some action items to start with:

  • Search for your business online. See what comes up in the results.

    • This is such an important point that I talk to our SHE Media Partner Network about all the time. You have to pay attention to how your site appears in the results. Is there opportunities your brand is missing out on? Is Google recognizing your brand as an organization? What can you improve on?

  • Then search for generic terms relevant for your brand.

    • Does your business appear in either the organic or paid listings?

  • Make a list of the results that do appear.

    • What are the top results listed? See how they are optimized and make adjustments.

How to set yourself up for success!

#1 Website

  • Website Must-Do’s:

    • Have at least 3 pages on your site - homepage, about us and contact page.

    • Imagery is key - be professional, descriptive and creative (the competition is steep, imagery is one way to stand out).

    • Capture your contacts - include sign-up forms, offer incentives and automate.

#2 E-mail Marketing

  • Benefits of E-mail Programs:

    • ROI - $38 made for every $1 spent.

    • Effective communication - stay top of mind with your audience.

    • Personalization opportunity - 52% of consumers will switch brands if messages are not personalized.

#3 Social Media

  • General Tips:

    • Reserve your profiles on all channels but you don’t have to be active on all of them.

    • Choose the channel that makes the most sense for your business goals.

  • Facebook - The Competitive Space:

    • Content you post should warrant “Likes”, comments and shares.

    • Respond to potential followers to provide a good user experience.

    • Drive sales by showcasing upcoming exclusives.

  • Instagram - The Visual Network:

    • Let people know about exclusive offers and happenings.

    • Build a relationship with your followers by replying direct to messages.

    • Send people to landing pages through bio links.

  • Twitter - Public Feed of What’s Happening Now:

    • Direct followers to your other social channels.

    • Be sure to respond to follower questions.

    • Let followers know how to take advantage of special offers.

  • Pinterest - Boards with Tips and Ideas:

    • Provide links to your website for resources and tools for your audience.

    • Engage with those who take the time to share and comment on your content.

  • YouTube - Educational and Entertaining Video Content:

    • Create videos that introduce new programs or events.

    • Respond to questions and provide additional resources.

    • Provide instruction around using your products or services.

Social Media doesn’t have to overwhelm you!! Bringing all these things together is how to get the results you want to see. Check out Constant' Contact’s suite of tools to see how they can help automate your digital marketing efforts.