Learn From Her: Finding Useful LinkedIn Connections

by Amanda Lederman


Make meaningful Connections in five easy steps.

Tired of applying for jobs and and never hearing back? We’ve got a LinkedIn trick for you!

One of the biggest struggles for entrepreneurs and job seekers everywhere is networking and making useful contacts and connections. You can submit your resume to a pool of endless applications that will probably never be seen or enter your information on a contact page that is most likely never read, let alone answered. It’s frustrating and inefficient, but do not fret! I’m going to let you in on a little secret that helped me get my foot in the door at SHE Media.

As BlogHer’s Community Manager, I spend a ton of time on social media. One of my all time favorite tools is LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides a pool of companies and people all trying to network, find jobs, and create business leads.

Let’s say you’re looking for a contact at SHE Media because you’re an influencer who is interested in learning more about our fabulous SHE Media Partner Network; however, you have no idea who to reach out to. I’m now going to teach you my FAVORITE LinkedIn trick:

Step One: Log in to LinkedIn! Otherwise, you won’t be able to use its incredible features.

Step Two: Type the company’s name (in this case, SHE Media) in to your LinkedIn search bar and visit their page on your desktop computer. Note: This trick does not work on mobile.

Screenshot of SHE Media’s LinkedIn Business Page.

Screenshot of SHE Media’s LinkedIn Business Page.

Step Three: On your left hand side under the “Visit website” button, you should see a few clickable options including “People”. Go ahead and click on “People”.

Step Four: Next, you should see a search bar which will let you search employees by title, keyword, or school. I’m going to go ahead and type in “Influencer” to see who works on our influencer team.

Screenshot of SHE Media’s LinkedIn “People” Category After Searching For “Influencer”.

Screenshot of SHE Media’s LinkedIn “People” Category After Searching For “Influencer”.

Step Five: Ta-da! You’ll see the first person to pop up (above) is our Influencer Marketing Program Manager, Francesca Cassola. She’s a great person to reach out to to learn more about our influencer program! It may take a bit of trial and error using the search tool to find the best contact for your needs.

I recommend reaching out to the contact directly. You can reach out through LinkedIn via message or find out their contact information using sneaky internet tools that I will keep a secret until a later Learn from Her!

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