Far Out Finds for National CBD Day

by Amanda Lederman


rise and shine, it’s cbd time!

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite CBD brands recommended to help relieve your anxiety and pain, improve your wellness and beauty routine or maximize your chill session!

In honor of #NationalCBDDay, we’re chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool with a round-up of some seriously stellar CBD brands. CBD is having a major moment, and we are here for it.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (AKA marijuana). However, CBD is collected directly from hemp plants, so CBD is federally legal, has no psychedelic effects, and provides *most* of the same benefits as marijuana, including pain and anxiety relief, ultimate chill, and muscle relaxation.

Come on a CBD journey with us that will leave you feeling high! JK, CBD DOES NOT get you high. Let these brands help you figure out the right CBD products for your needs and make sure the stuff you're buying is, you know, the real deal.

Love Wellness Co.

Founded by #BlogHer19 Creator’s Summit Speaker Lo Bosworth, Love Wellness offers quality and fully compliant CBD products that will leave you feeling healthy, not high. Every plant they use for their products is organically grown, third-party tested, and free of gross contaminants. Take a “timeout” and feel good about it!

What We’re Trying: Their Timeout CBD Kit, bath salts, supplements, and oil tincture! (Yes, we want it all.)

Papa & Barkley

If you’re looking for a brand with heart, Papa & Barkley is your go-to. Their “Releaf” line was inspired by a son’s mission to make his father more comfortable from immobilizing back pain. They are a team of caregivers, scientists and professionals who want to improve people’s lives with cannabis. 

What We’re Trying: Their Releaf Patches and Releaf Soak. Both are perfect for tense muscles!

Kaleidoscope Labs

Like a good Buzzfeed quizzes? Try Kaleiodscope’s quiz to find your CBD! Depending on your results, Kaleidoscope will recommend products for anxiety, brain fog, joint pain, skin and hair health, or sleep. We love how Kaleidoscope is taking the guesswork out of their products, so you know exactly what to CBD to buy to treat your symptoms!

What We’re Trying: Soothe for our anxiety! 

Lord Jones

Take CBD like the stars! Celebrities like Kristen Bell, Busy Phillips, and Mandy Moore have all endorsed Lord Jones. If it’s good enough for them, we’re on board! We’re eating up their “world’s finest” CBD gumdrops and chews because, HELLO: candy that makes you chill! 

What We’re Trying: We love a limited edition. Snag the Lord Jones Limited Edition White Peach Summer CBD Gumdrops before one of Hollywood’s leading ladies grabs them.


Ladies, sit down. We’re about to clear your skin AND make you feel at ease! With the unique healing properties of cannabis (CBD derived from hemp) and Manuka honey, Cannuka’s skin care provides daily therapy that both calms and heals your skin. From your face, to your lips, to your elbows, and pretty much anywhere else there’s dryness or inflammation, Cannuka has your back. 

What We’re Trying: Their best sellers speak for themselves. We’re going with the CBD Calming Eye Balm, CBD Nourishing Body Cream, and the CBD Skin Balm

Pot d'Huile

Raise your hand if you find cooking relaxing! We just upgraded your dinner party with Pot d’Huile’s hemp-infused olive oil. Whether you’re a culinary professional or just like to dip your bread in oil when you’re feeling italian, this oil tastes great (like extra virgin olive oil) and has the highest quality of CBD. 

What We’re Trying: Obviously, the Hemp Infused Olive Oil. Duh. Their website also has fantastic recipes if you feel like inviting us over for pesto pasta!

Recess Seltzer

Imagine if work had recess? Have flashbacks to the carefree playground days with a sparkling water that won’t make you wired or tired! Recess is infused with hemp extract and adaptogens to help you take a moment to reset and rebalance. Also, their Instagram is hilarious. 

What We’re Trying: We’re definitely putting their Pomegranate Hibiscus flavor in our beach cooler this summer for ultimate relaxation!

Myco Sativa

Short, sweet, and to the point — These are badass supplements for your badass self. In the words of their Founder and CEO George Hou: “You want the best because you deserve the best. Myco Sativa was created to manifest the best version of you.” Myco Sativa helps put the beast back in your beast mode.

What We’re Trying: Their CBD Longevity Gold. We love golddddddd! *Insert Goldmember voice here.*


Shop local and keep it fresh! Vertly works with local Northern California herbalists and farming collectives to grow the fresh herbs. Combined with their signature CBD, they create soothing blends that bring natural relief. We’re believers in the power for plants!

What We’re Trying: Hemp CBD Infused Cooling Body Spray. It soothes sunburn from your #HotGirlSummer AND will save your overworked muscles after Soul Cycle.


Remember when Tasti D-Lite was super trendy because Charlotte mentioned it on Sex and the City as being low calorie and delicious? That, but CBD gummies. Plus is bringing better edible products to market by working with Michelin-star chefs to create low calorie CBD gummies and mints. These edibles are definitely helping us find our happy place!

What We’re Trying: For every tin sold of the Pride Rainbow Sorbet Gummies, Plus will donate $1 to the San Francisco LGBT Center. What’s sweeter than that? 

Which product best suits your needs? Leave us a chill comment! Want to learn more about far out brands and tubular trends? Join our Facebook community group and subscribe to our newsletter!

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