July Social Media Monthly

by Amanda Lederman


From Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, and beyond!

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As we all know, social media is an important driving force for entrepreneurs, influencers, and content creators. With the ever-changing platforms, it is imperative to keep up with new strategies to ensure your business continues to thrive. We’re here to make staying in the know a little easier! Here are our top five social media updates from June. Make sure to apply these in July and attend #BlogHer19 Creators Summit September 18th and 19th in Brooklyn to learn from the experts in social media!

Should you try Instagram’s new Creator Account for influencers?

It’s no secret that influencers rule Instagram with their sponsored posts. So, Instagram launched a new Creator Account so influencers can have access to similar features to those of an Instagram Business Account. The best part is, it’s super easy to make the switch! If you’re a content creator with over 10,000 followers and have your Facebook Page linked to your Instagram, you can participate! You can pick from a plethora of titles for yourself, including “Blogger” or “Entrepreneur”, see how many followers you gain and lose each day, and which of your fans are online and offline at any given time. Messaging is made simpler with an added tab for more filtering and the new platform assists with shoppable posts for more seamless sponsorships. Is this switch to a Creator Account right for you? Check out these articles from Later and Entrepreneur for more information! 

Say goodbye to a chunk of your Facebook Business Page information!

We originally posted about this in The BlogHer Creators Network, which you should definitely be following for more timely social media updates! Consider this article your one month warning on losing a few categories in your “About” section on your Facebook Business Page. Facebook announced that on August 1st, 2019, your company’s Overview, Founders, Biography, Mission, Affiliation, and Personal Interests will be deleted. We recommend moving the relevant information you have in these sections to your page’s “About” or “Products” details.

LinkedIn adds new features.

LinkedIn is a great resource for making connections and keeping your audience informed about your business. With its new tools, it’s now even easier to make sure your audience engages with your content. One of our new favorite tools is photo tagging, much like Facebook and Instagram. We’re also tracking all of our favorite topics and hashtags on the right side of our feed. We love that these features make the platform seem less business oriented while still remaining professional. You can read about these features and more on Social Media Today.

What to post on your Instagram Feed vs. Instagram Stories.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably questioning whether a post should live forever on your Instagram feed, or for 24 hours on your Instagram story. This handy infographic from Animoto makes suggestions based on their findings. We were surprised to see they recommend “sound off” videos living in feed, and more “fleeting” content existing on stories. Also note, you can still archive your feed posts, and add your stories to highlights, so nothing really disappears! We also suggest reading 15 of the Most Important Instagram Trends to Watch Right Now to make sure your Instagram game is on point!

Don’t overlook Pinterest's top trend for July!

As Pinterest is becoming more and more influencer focused, it’s important to stay up to date on their top trends to help boost on your engagement. Fashion and lifestyle bloggers, this update is for you! Frozen drinks (more specifically, jalapeño frozen margaritas), minimalist bangles, and barely there sandals are all on the rise according to Pinterest. Jump on these trends for your 4th of July content and watch your Pinterest explode (firework pun) with engagement! 

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