Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Hannah Bronfman

by Jordan Boswell and Amanda Lederman


We’ve rounded up ten things that may surprise you about this leading business boss.

As #BlogHer19 Creators Summit continues to inch closer and closer, we’re taking a deep dive into our celebrated speaker lineup so you can prep your note cards for audience Q&A’s before the conference!

Today, we’re excited to recognize Hannah Bronfman. If you’ve seen her Instagram, you know she’s the definition of A. #HotGirlSummer and B. #BossBabe. Hannah is a DJ, on-camera personality, entrepreneur, and beauty and health expert. She’s also the founder of HBFIT, a unique destination to explore all things health, beauty and fitness. Believe it or not, there’s so much more to know about Hannah, and we know what you’re thinking, how does she manage it all? We’ve rounded up ten things that may surprise you about this leading business boss. 

1. Hannah’s not just any DJ… she’s been a DJ for TEN YEARS! Holy moly. After rightfully gaining the spotlight for her craft, she started to book events that were more corporate where she was introduced to fashion brands and publishers. This opened the door for her to start working with partners and build her own personal brand outside of DJing.

2. To add to her long list of impressive business endeavors, she’s also a published author. In January, she released her first book, “Do What Feels Good” by publishing house Harper Wave.

“Writing the book was an exercise for me to share my knowledge in a more evergreen way. HBFIT is all about the latest and greatest within the wellness world and making things relatable to our community. Do What Feels Good is about my experiences, knowledge, routines and advice I relay on daily. Media continues to make wellness seem elitist and I wanted to remind people that it doesn’t need to be expensive; it can be an accessible lifestyle for everyone.”

3. At the moment, she is focusing mainly on content creation and invests most of her time creating content for her personal Instagram, IGTV, HANNAHSLIST (her bi weekly newsletter) and HBFIT's YouTube.

4. In line with her DJing background, Hannah is now producing music. Today, Hannah dropped her very first track, an HB EDIT of Carly Rae Jepson’s song, Too Much. Check out more info about this incredible milestone in her Instagram post.

You can listen to the song here!


5. Bow down to the brand ambassador queen. Hannah is currently a brand ambassador for Adidas, American Express and Samsung, on top of running her own business. Make sure to ask her how she formed this partnerships during her talk at #BlogHer19 Creators Summit!

6. Hannah launched a bi-monthly newsletter called HANNAHSLIST that has exclusive content for her community. If you haven’t already subscribed to her newsletter, the New News, you better sign up ASAP. HBFIT's newsletter goes out 2x a week and our favorite part is that they are always sharing exclusive discounts to the hottest workout classes and more. You can bet we’re on her mailing hit list and check it always.

7. Hannah’s marriage to Brendan Fallis is a true personal and business partnership.

“Brendan is the co founder of the management company I'm signed to although he is not my personal manager, it's an area we establish boundaries. And while we create content together and are both DJs, we also stand behind the fact that we have different types of brands. We serve as each other’s sounding boards for just about everything. It’s also important to keep in mind that Brendan and I have been together for as long as I’ve had Instagram. As we all know, Instagram only shows about 1 hour of the day, so we try to keep the 23 remaining hours to ourselves, while still being true to our digital audience.”

8. Hannah Bronfman: DJ, Content Creator, Author, Founder and…. Product Developer? You saw that correctly -- Hannah’s in the process of developing a new product, so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for more big things from the mogul. Any guesses at what it could be?

9. If you’re not watching HBFIT TV by Hannah Bronfman, you’re missing out. All good content creators know prioritizing YouTube is a must, and HBFIT TV is an awesome example of staying authentic while having a YouTube presence and strategy. Our faves from her channel are How To Skimm Your Life with Carly and Danielle, founders of theSkimm, and Hot Guys in the Kitchen with Antoni Porowski from Netflix's Queer Eye.

10. All badass women learn from other badass women and Hannah’s biggest female inspiration is none other than #BlogHer17 Creators Summit Speaker, Serena Williams!

“There are so many women doing so many cool things but definitely, Serena Williams. She is such an inspiration. She doesn’t always win and even if she doesn’t win every match she still handles everything with such grace and poise.”

But seriously, when does Hannah sleep? Hannah is a dynamic diva who seems to succeed in every creative avenue. We’re looking forward to having her (and hopefully stealing a few of her tricks to achieve our #goals) at #BlogHer19 Creators Summit. Make sure to snag your ticket to see her before they sell out!