WeWoreWhat's Danielle Bernstein Launches First Project Management Platform For Influencers

by Amanda Lederman


Introducing Moe assist!

By creating MOE, Danielle hopes to empower influencers to manage every aspect of their business lifecycle, more efficiently.

We all know #BlogHer19 Creators Summit speaker Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat as an influencer and business woman within the fashion world, but recently she added startup tech founder to her roster of titles! At our summit in September, Danielle teased that she was launching a tech company. “All I can say about that is that it for this entire audience… you guys can all use it and love it and hopefully it will help you guys better your businesses.” On October 2nd, Danielle and her team realized a yearlong dream, with the launch of Moe Assist

After years of growing WeWoreWhat, Danielle searched for a better way to organize brand partnerships, but was unable to find a solution that met her needs. Stuck with spreadsheets, notebooks and countless emails between brands, agencies and agents; she and long-time assistant Moe Paretti set out to create a tool to help them manage and scale their business more efficiently. 

MOE is the first project management and payments platform created for influencers, by an influencer. By creating MOE, Danielle hopes to empower influencers to manage every aspect of their business lifecycle, more efficiently. MOE’s custom-designed workflows help influencers manage projects, invoice clients, streamline payments, get feedback and approval on content and track revenue.

The influencer marketing industry has seen rapid growth and is projected to reach $15 billion by 2022. The goal of MOE is to put the power back in influencers hands and help this segment of digital entrepreneurs grow their business.

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