BlogHer Conference Speaking Opportunities

While we are no longer currently accepting applications for speakers at our upcoming #BlogHer Health 2019 event, we will be announcing future BlogHer speaking opportunities in the new year.

To keep up with BlogHer Events you can do the following:

BlogHer Events Overview

BlogHer produces conferences that cover a wide variety of topics and we offer a wide range of opportunities to feature the voices of our community.

What We Look For

We are passionate about our speaking roster representing the richness of our community and the blogosphere. We are committed to recruiting a heterogeneous chorus of voices, reflecting diversity across many dimensions. We are also dedicated to bringing fresh, new voices and ideas to the forefront of blogging, and to that end, we target having 80% of panelists at each BlogHer Event be new to the BlogHer stage. 

We’re also constantly looking for experienced, strong moderators to help shepherd the panelists and the attendees in a productive dialog at the sessions.

Become a Speaker at BlogHer Events

The best way to be considered as a speaker at BlogHer events is to submit yourself, your idea, or someone you are inspired by for consideration as a speaker via a Call For Speakers submission process.

The Call For Speakers lets community members submit speaker recommendations for our conferences. We announce any Call For Speakers on our website, through social media, and through our newsletters. So, again, we recommend you:

What is required to speak at BlogHer?

BlogHer speakers are not required to have previous speaking experience. We're proud that many speakers had their first speaking opportunity at a BlogHer event.

  • You will be asked to sign and return a Speaker Agreement in a timely fashion

  • We will ask for your headshot and a 800-character (120 words) bio to help us promote your appearance

  • We will provide Speaker Graphics for use on your site and social channels

  • We require all speakers to promote their engagement on their social channels using assets we provide

  • We will plan a minimum of a half-hour planning call with every session at BlogHer. More complex sessions or workshops may require more prep time

  • If your session includes a presentation or educational materials, we need those materials several weeks in advance

Note: Each speaker's Speaker Agreement will have the specific dates and deadlines associated with that event

Speaker Submissions from a PR Agency or Business

If you are a PR agency interested in helping bring your client to BlogHer Events, you can follow the channels listed out above. If you’re actually looking to get your clients or their products/services in front of the thousands of women influencers in our audience, including via a focused conference session or workshop, you may achieve that goal through sponsorship. BlogHer maintains a very strict no-shilling policy in our programming sessions. Please contact for more information about our unique and exciting sponsorship opportunities for your brand or business! 

Thanks for your interest in BlogHer Events! We look forward to working with you!